Financial values for children



Sharing is used to save money that your child can use to help others. Educating your child in ways to help others encourages them to build empathy. There are many ways that your child can get involved in helping people either in their own community or globally.

Some ways that our children have used their Sharing money to help others have included buying canned goods and food at the grocery store and donating them to the food bank.  We have visited the pet store and our children bought food and treats for the animals at our local humane society.  As a family we have donated and raised money for ”walks” for illnesses that family members have been affected by.  Recently our children learned of a local family that lost everything in a house fire and they donated money to the family from their Sharing piggy bank.  We also sponcer a child in an underdeveloped country that both children have bought and sent things for using their Sharing money.

If your child is making a financial donation to an organization it is important to explain to them in what capacity their money will help others.

Author: Jeanette Ramnarine

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