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Spending Money on Scholastic Book Orders

October 28th, 2010 in Blog by Jeanette Ramnarine

001My children love to look through the Scholastic Book Orders that they bring home from school.  They are both avid readers and absolutely love new books.  They never ask us to buy them a book but rather run to their rooms to add up how much money they have in their SPENDING piggy banks.  They often use the money to pick out a special book or two that they want.  Their SPENDING piggy bank allows them to have the ability to make their own choices as to what they want to purchase.  They are always eager to pore over the pages of the book orders looking for that special one that will catch their attention.  After finding it, they usually circle it and keep looking until they’ve found all of the new and exciting books that they would be interested in reading.  Sometimes they’ll have to make a decision and choose to wait until another month to purchase a book if they don’t have enough money in their SPENDING piggy bank to buy it yet.  On the day the books that were ordered arrive at school, the kids rush home and can’t wait to share their new stories with us.  They take very good care of their new books and have a great pride of ownership in the fact that they were able to purchase them with their own money.

The Spending Piggy Bank is an effective yet gentle stepping stone which teaches children about taking care of their money and how to spend it wisely. So while they are carefully browsing through a catalogue of books and toys, you have the time to check your own finances, whether it is online banking, checking the value of your metals on, or doing some online shopping. When your children have their own account with a small amount of money in it, this can be very exciting for them, so it is important to teach them how to handle money sensibly from a young age. 

Author: Jeanette Ramnarine

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